Saturday, 18 September 2010

Witchcraft Second Coming!!!

Spoke to French the other day, the new witchcraft samples have just arrived. Four boards this time round featuring artwork by French, Murdoch Stafford (Aus), Matt Glover and myself.

 Mine is the second from the right, the idea between French's and mine comes from the novel by Jame Herbert "The Shrine". Which is set in a town near Brighton, in which a young girl becomes possessed by the spirit of Witch who was a Nun and was burnt under a tree in the town of Banfield. 

Matt Glover's ( board is the 8.5" shape and is a depiction of the Angel of Death and a wolf....well you need the Angel Death as a graphic right? 

Murdoch Stafford's ( board is the new shape added to this run at 8.75", super function but large. The graphic is a demon goat warrior..... what else do you expect?

Boards and the new clothes should be in skate shops by mid october.

If theres hell below we're all gonna go!

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