Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sidewalk buyer's guide

I was lucky enough to get an interview in the latest sidewalk buyers guide, I was stoked to see that my artwork for witchcraft and superdead was included on the product pages too. This edition of the buyers guide also features some really interesting interviews with artists; Marc Mckee, Ed Templeton, French and Stuart Smith to name a few.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Real Ghouls Skate Pools

I just got this new Lovenskate deck that i designed, its a halloween pool deck based around Stu's 'real men skate curbs' designs, it comes on a 8.65 pool shape, ideal for shredding the shit out of some tiles and concrete coping. Thanks to Stu for screen printing this six coulor bad boy, he did an excellent job.

Ammo Magazine

I Just received of the latest Ammo Illustration Magazine. I painted a Halloween themed page for it entitled 'monster mash'.

I was really impressed with the standard of work in this magazine, if you're in the market for a decent illustration mag i would strongly advise you pick up a copy.

Halloween Shananigans

On The 28th Of October there will be THE best Halloween party
happening in all of London, possibly even the UK!...
Above is the flyer for the Crossfire Halloween Massacre
party with all the info you gotta know. I was stoked to be asked to produce the artwork for the posters and flyers for this years event, below are the flyers.

This years Halloween Massacre will also feature Toxic Wasters, a sticker exhibition including work by myself and 11 other artists. Stu Smith from Lovenskate will be screen printing the stickers and the event is sponsored by VANS and FRONT magazine

Here is my contribution, i thought i'd go with a toxic mutant acid worm.
The other artist in the show are

Paddy Jones
Stu smith
Craig Scott
Dan Singer
Sam Taylor
Kyle Platts
Thomas Slater
Mr Gauky
Matthew Bromley

Massive thanks to Matthew Bromley who organized the show and to Zac for inviting me to be part of what is sure to be a rad event.

New Witchcraft Graphics

Here is my offering to Witchcraft Skateboards for their new fall 2011 range, blood check, guts check, impaled corpses check and burning churches yep check, all in all a standard witchcraft graphic. Available as an 8.5 board and also a tee shirt should be here in a week or so once the iron duke has completed its voyage.

Lovenskate ad in Kingpin

Back in the summer Stu, Lars and myself met up at Harlow skatepark. Lars took some pictures of me skating in a witch doctor costume, the shoot was aimed as ad to promote the jungle man T-Shirt graphic i produced for Lovenskate. We tried to recreate the graphic with the boarder from the shirt being used to frame the photo. Really stoked on Lar's photo, it's shot on a film camera too, not any of this new fangled digital malarky. Thanks to stu for putting the ad together and also to Alex for running it as a full page in this months Kingpin magazine.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Superdead Repo Series

I've just done some graphics for the guy's at superdead based around 80's cult classic Repo Man. Really great to work with these guy's, stoked on their summer catalogue check out their website to see the rest of the rad art, product and skating.

Monday, 16 May 2011

I've got a new piece of work in an exhibition at OHNO!DOOM gallery at the start of next month, if you're about in Chicago take peek.

Zombie In Front


Three Dee Photos

I finally got my arse in gear and went to Jaguar shoes to take some pictures of the 3D show. The guys did a truly awesome job at setting the show up. Love the 3D wall paper they used, really bought out the rest of the work, massive thank you to everyone who helped put it all up, stoked on how it came out.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mark Nicolson Beer Pro Model

I've done a new graphic for the smashing fella's at death skateboards, for my local ripper Mark Nicolson. Check it out at

Monday, 25 April 2011


Thursday was the opening night of threedee, a show at Jaguar shoes in east london, the show showcases some of the UK's most up and coming artist and i was lucky enough to be asked to participate. The brief for the show was to produce anglyphic artwork that could be veiwed through pink and green glasses, Above is the work i produced, i decided to make some spoof video nasty posters as it was 50'S B movies that first started to push the boundaries of 3D and i really love the artwork associated with them.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jungle is massive!

Lovenskate just released their new range of shirts for 2011 here's mine. Theres some seriously cool new graphics out including the must anticipated re print of 'drink tea get rad'. Check them

WITCHCRAFT!!!!! Anticristmas

Heres a couple of new bits i done for witchcraft skateboards as part of their antichristmas range
Carcass Tee

Zombie Hunn

Theres also new graphics from Andre Coelho, French and Matt Glover so get onto and check them out.

Toxic High

I purchased a box of toxic high stickers the other day, love the artwork, the tewnty year old gum that came with each pack wasn't quite as good.